In today’s environment, most residential and corporate networks are built using two or more and sometimes up to five separate copper architectures to deliver services we use daily. Such as our Broadband Internet connection, Telephone, TV, and Foxtel as well as the need for faster and more secure network technologies to deliver security (CCTV), access control (Intercom), and home automation.

Supa Networks has heavily invested in technologies such as GPON that are fully capable of supporting all of these services on a single fiber distribution architecture.

GPON gives the end user the ability to consolidated multiple services onto a single fiber transport network. This technology reduces costs and infrastructure while increasing bandwidth. The hardware provides the capabilities utilizing a 2.5 GPON optical WAN interface with switching and routing functions that manage premises network traffic at speeds up to 1Gbps to each customer delivering a customisable, high capacity fibre network delivering entertainment, customisable, high capacity information network for forms of IP based services.

Supa Networks GPON allows an operator to effectively deliver all of these services with an optimum user experience. Its Quality of Service (QoS) and high bandwidth capabilities are the mechanisms needed to converge voice, video and data all onto the same fiber network allowing more efficient energy ratings, maintenance, and overall performance.

  • GPON is the highest speed, longest life, and lowest cost network infrastructure available in the market.
  • GPON consolidates services onto a single fibre cabling network which reduces both CAPEX and OPEX costs.
  • GPON user capacity is scalable as numbers increase. Systems can be configured from as few as 32 users to many thousands using multiple OLT chassis.
  • 100Gig ready today. Supa Networks GPON equipment is next-generation PON-ready, enabling future bandwidth upgrade migration without head-end hardware replacement.


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